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Fit & Flare Dresses

One of my favorite dress styles to wear recently has been the Fit and Flare style dress. I find these dresses super comfortable, but stylish and fun at the same time. You can also find them in tons of different colors and fabrics to suit your personal style. I recently created a board on Pinterest to keep track of my favorite fit and flare dresses.

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Some are fancier evening dresses, while others are perfect for casual summer days when you want something nice and cool to wear in the warm weather. I also tried to include some of my signature colors that I discovered through completing my own color analysis with If you would like to learn how to do your own color analysis, you can visit their website.

If you would like some ideas for fit and flare dresses, check out my Pinterest board below! I plan on adding to it as I discover new styles and designs that inspire me. Other styles I am also partial to are wrap dresses and dresses with A-Line skirts. I try to balance the trendier styles with ones that suit my body type and personal style. Do you have a favorite dress style? I'm always curious to learn what styles other people are trying and loving.


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